If sharing a name with a Faces song suggests a certain sensibility, these Pittsburgh rockers more than live up to their branding on a debut steeped in gritty rock-and-roll tradition. After swaggering in with a track that sounds like it was written for a wild night on the Jersey shore in 1970-whatever, they make their way through such obvious highlights as the soulful country-blues of “Green Light,” the gospel-rocking majesty of “Fallen Angel,” the Beatlesque balladry of “Super Blue Moon” and a pair of tracks that find them straying into funkier terrain. These Borstal Boys are longtime veterans of the Pittsburgh bar-rock scene that gave the world the Iron City Houserockers. And that experience comes shining through in every aspect of this record -- the arrangements, the singing, the playing and tying it all together, a rock-and-roll spirit that can't be faked or forced.

Ed Masley 
The Arizona Republic